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Resident Evil: Outbreak -- File #2


by T.J. Deci

Like the original Outbreak, File #2 adapts Resident Evil's brand of survival horror for online multiplayer action and adventure. In the roles of any of eight unlucky Raccoon City residents, up to four players can fight for their lives together, against tricky, environment-based puzzles and an infestation of brain-hungry zombies. New features since the original Outbreak include the ability to move about while aiming, and built-in "ad-lib" shortcuts designed to make it easier to communicate basic information with other players. As in the first game, an offline single-player mode, with support from AI-controlled characters, is also available.



  • Search for the truth in five frightening environments including a subway, zoo, and police station
  • Transfer saved data between Resident Evil: Outbreak and Outbreak: File #2
  • Up to four players can join forces online

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